social media + email marketing is kind of my jam. let me tell you why.

every brand can benefit from having an online presence

It’s not news that the way we market our products and services today is different than it was 10, or even 5 years ago. Being raised by small business owners, I understand how mountains of “to-do” lists pile up and while crafting the perfect marketing message is very important — it can sometimes get pushed aside because other items take precedence (AKA: the daily grind of running your business) over social media + emails. For example: If you’re a business that not only sells in store, but also has an online store that allows customers from all over the world to purchase your products — you are missing out on some serious growth if you’re NOT showing up consistently on social media. As consumers, we scroll through A LOT of content every single day. Because of this, we only pay attention to the content that catches our eye.

The good news is, I’m here to help with that. I’ve worked with lifestyle brands, e-commerce stores, and businesses that have a brick and mortar shop. Each are different, but all can benefit by staking their ground in the social media community. With carefully planned strategies in place, and a clear goal — every business can achieve the growth they’re looking for. This growth could take shape in a number of ways including: increased awareness to an event/location/cause, bringing on influencers to introduce your products to a new audience, or increased foot traffic to your store. Whether you’re needing help initially setting up your accounts, creating a short term project campaign, or you’d like help managing your accounts for the long haul — I’m your girl.


the nitty gritty details

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choosing the best platform

Not every brand needs to be everywhere, all the time. We’ll discuss what ways you want to “show up” for your customers + determine the best way to tell your story. It’s better to be great on one or two platforms, than average at all of them.

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create a consistent theme

Once your brand is established — it’s important to carry it over in every Instagram photo, new blog post, and website detail. If you don’t have a theme established yet, no worries. That happens to be one my favorite parts of this gig.

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know Like Trust factor

Finding out what makes your business “tick”, and showcasing those values to your customers. Telling a story about your brand, how you got here, and where you’re headed is important. Your customers want to know YOU.


Basic product descriptions + Cookie cutter stock photos don’t cut it anymore. Let’s tell a story with your content.


One + Done

Set Up Initial Social Media Strategy

Create Social Media Templates

Set Up Email Marketing Automations

Create Email Marketing Templates

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Short Term Project

Launch New Social Media Campaigns

Sales | New Product Launches | Holiday Sale

Establish A New “Theme” For Social Channels

Initial Set Up + Transition Phase

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In For The Long Haul

Managing Social Media Calendar

Update Strategy For New Promotions

Consistent Growth / Engagement Increase

Email Marketing Automations + Campaigns