you take the time to create great images. let’s pair them with a story.

Why is copy so important?

You’ve only got a few seconds to make a good first impression. With that being said, let’s make it count. There are number of ways that I can help you get your brand message across: crafting the words on your site, creating the perfect Instagram Bio, editing blog posts, writing product descriptions + so much more. Below you’ll find a couple different ways we can work together to make sure your brand messaging is on point, and consistently converts. Whether you’re selling physical products OR selling a service, carefully crafted words tell the story behind the images. Are you ready to tell yours?

Let’s face it — basic product descriptions don’t tell a story. You can only get so far with “cozy sweater with sleeves wrapped in velvet”. Creating great content is half quality images and half quality words that tell a story about your brand. Your brand is your voice, and you want the words on your site (and everywhere else) to match up precisely. I understand how frustrating it is to sit down at your computer, with a fresh new site template in place, and think… “I don’t know what to say about my business.” How do you tell people that you’ve never met IRL who you are and what your brand is all about?

How do we get this party started?

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discovery call

We’ll chat about how + why you got started in your business, mission / vision statements, what products and services you offer, and what message you want shouted from the rooftops.

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strategy session

We’ll craft a plan for each platform you’d like messaging for. As a whole the brand voice will be the same, but different platforms require some tweaking (ex: character limits).

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Once we’ve agreed on a consistent message, and completed the tweaking for each platform — it’s time to put those words in their place + set a launch date for your new/updated brand.


What’s next? Glad you asked.

Below you’ll find a few of my specialities — but if there’s something you’d like help with that’s not on the menu, email me.


Website Copy

It’s your first impression. You’ve only got seconds to make it count. Let’s get to work!

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Social Media Campaigns

Let’s craft the perfect message for your campaigns across Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

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Email Automation Copy

Campaigns and Automations deserve just as much love + attention as your website copy.